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Love & Willis Family Counseling is located in the heart of New Jersey and has been helping individuals and families heal and thrive for 18 years. Dr. Teri believes every person is valuable and can learn the necessary skills and tools that build healthy, vibrant and long-lasting relationships.

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201.637.8188  or  drtericampwillis@gmail.com

Counseling Services We Offer

Love & Willis Family Counseling, LLC offers a wealth of counseling services that are vital in strengthening your mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Whether you are in need of individual help, or desire to enrich your marriage and family, Dr. Teri has the compassion and  training needed to reach your goals.

Trusted Professional Counseling

Teri Camp Willis, PhD is licensed and board certified in the following areas:

Crisis and Abuse

Marriage and Family

Child and Adolescent